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GCI will deploy LightPointe wireless bridge technology in Chinese markets

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Mobile backhaul equipment manufacturer LightPointe reached a sales and distribution agreement with Chinese company GCI Science & Technology Co., Ltd. during a recent Beijing trade show. GCI will purchase and distribute LightPointe’s Gigabit wireless bridge technology to enterprise and 4G/LTE carrier markets in China.

GCI Science & Technology is a regional giant in China’s CDMA and GSM mobile telecom products and services market. It will purchase and sell 4G Free Space Optics wireless bridges and millimeter wave e-band 4G/LTE backhaul radios from LightPointe.

President Qiyue of GCI explained that they performed a thorough review of companies such as Free Space Optics and millimeter wave companies. GCI selected LightPointe as its mobile backhaul technology partner due to the comprehensive range and performance of the San Diego-based company’s point-to-point wireless bridges.

The LightPointe Gigabit wireless bridges will allow GCI to improve broadband and infrastructure for carriers. GCI will also be able to offer enhanced connectivity solutions to key Chinese enterprise customers, which would further improve its successful record with 3G and 4G products and services.

According to Mr. Heinz Willebrand, LightPointe’s president and CEO, China’s huge population is not just a challenge for broadband infrastructure providers. It is also a huge opportunity for GCI to bring its products and deployment services to a potential market of more than a billion mobile subscribers. In fact, GCI’s Chinese sales commitments have already hit the million dollar level.

LightPointe Communications recently completed a project to optimize its channel development activities in North America and Europe. It has turned its attention to performing similar upgrades to its distribution channel in India.

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